An incomplete list of talks I’ve given.

Written by Zhian N. Kamvar


Advancing data analytics for field epidemiologists using R: the R4epis innovation project

R4epis is a project to develop standardised data cleaning, analysis and reporting tools to cover common types of outbreaks and population-based surveys that would be conducted in an MSF emergency response setting.

July 11, 2019

11:48 AM

UseR! 2019 / Toulouse, France

By Amrish Baidjoe, Elburg van Boetzelaar, Raphael Brechard, Antonio Isidro Carrión Martín, Kate Doyle, Christopher Ian Jarvis, Thibaut Jombart, [Zhian N. Kamvar], Patrick Keating, Anna Kuhne, Annick Lenglet, Pete Masters, Dirk Schumacher, Rosamund Southgate, Carolyn Tauro, Alex Spina, Maria Verdecchia, Larissa Vernier in collaboration talks

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