Auto-building drat with gh actions

Combining GitHub actions and {drat.builder} makes it easy to create an auto-building drat repository for your R packages

The dating game

Dates are not so sweet It is known: parsing dates entered by humans is a huge pain: Source: ISO 8601 nerds: a crack has developed in the old way. The new year has wounded both the m/d/yy and the d/m/yy factions. The time is ripe for a new global order. TONIGHT (2020-01-01) WE RIDE — Brooke Watson Madubuonwu (@brookLYNevery1) January 1, 2020 Dates are a never-ending source of fresh hell.

Advancing data analytics for field epidemiologists using R: the R4epis innovation project

A presentation at UseR! 2019 in Toulouse, France.


A collaboration with [MSF]( and [RECON]( to provide tools to train field epidemiologists in creating standardized and automated situation reports.