Once again, I have altered the format of my website

Pray that I do not alter it further

By Zhian N. Kamvar in meta

December 29, 2021

Meme that says “Friendship ended with Academic, now Apéro is my best friend”

I’ve had this blog for several years, going from Jekyll (via beautiful jekyll) to Hugo (via blogdown and the now-defunct academic theme) and I have once again decided to switch up formats, which means that some of the old links will no longer work (e.g. you no longer have to know the exact date I posted a blog in order to find it).

Whooo wee I have not updated this site since right before the beginning of the pandemic, as I was ending my position at Imperial College London and setting off for new adventures in what would end up being my position at The Carpentries right as the pandemic started.

Lets make a rundown of what happened in that time:

  1. I got a new jeorb at The Carpentries!
  2. 🏠 London, UK ✈️ Portland, OR, USA 🏠
  3. Presented at UseR! 2021
  4. A whole bunch of blog posts that I could have written about GitHub Actions, XPath, systems thinking, mushroom gathering, etc.

I’ve started this new format because I was frustrated by the old theme and Hugo always screaming at me that some variables were out-of-date. The recent updates to blogdown and the new Apéro theme will hopefully make it so I can blog and update things more often! And hopefully, I’ll get a chance to blog about things that are not just R stuff.

As an apology for my lack of blogging, here is an picture of cherry trees overlooking a reservoir on Mt. Tabor—an extinct volcano in East Portland, just a short walk from my apartment.

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December 29, 2021
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